1. I moved out of my flat at the end of my lease but the landlord is refusing to return my deposit to me, what can I do?

    Provided the flat was in the same state as when you took it over and there has been no damage to it apart from normal wear and tear, then the landlord should return the deposit to you. If not you can use the petty debts procedure. Mediation through the Landlords Association may help, email them on info@gprla.org. Refer to the A-Z on our website or call Citizens Advice on 242266.

  2. My ex-partner is refusing to let me see my son since I have a new partner. The court order states that residency is shared but this is not happening now. What can I do?

    If negotiation does not work, you can return to the Family Court to get the matter resolved. An advocate is not necessary to do this. For further information contact Citizens Advice on 242266.

  3. Does my employer have to pay me when I’m off sick?

    There is no statutory requirement for an employer to pay sick pay in Guernsey. However your employment contract has to state what will happen if you are off sick and whether you will receive sick pay, and these terms will need to be followed by your employer.

  4. I pay maintenance for my daughter. The court order says I need to continue paying until she is 18 years old, but my ex lives with someone else now. I want to stop paying because they don’t need my money, can I do that?

    No. If there is a court order in place, you will need to comply with that. If you are struggling with payments, you can return to the Family Court to try and vary the payments, but you will have to prove a significant change to your circumstances. For further advice call Citizens Advice on 242266

  5. I am being made redundant. Does my firm have to give me redundancy pay?

    There is no legal requirement for redundancy pay so you will need to check your contract for any redundancy provision. However, your employer must follow proper procedures when selecting people for redundancy. To find out more you can contact Employment Relations on 234567 or Citizens Advice on 242266.